a hedgehog tale


This is our dog Nikona.    Niki for short.  He is a sweetheart.  He’s been a delightful if very hairy member of our family.  Nikona is 13 years old, *OLD for a husky* and he seems to be doing well. 

Every Christmas since Niki was younger he has gotten a stuffed animal in his stocking.  The first he ever got was a hedgehog and many of his succeeding ones have been hedgehogs.  His reaction to this little stuffed toy is so funny! 
Nikona is very possessive of his toy.  As soon as he realizes it’s his he comes and gets his baby and then he hovers over his baby for days.  He carries it around in his mouth, hugs and cuddles it.  If he has to go outside to eat or go to the bathroom he checks out where his baby is and then comes running right back to it as soon as he gets back inside.  He scowls at us if we come close {for this photo I tried to arrange the hedgehog so it faced forward but everytime I touched the baby Nikona picked it up and repositioned it closer to him.  Hence the hedgehog does not face forward.}  To get to the point he is very possesive.  then, after a few days to maximum a week the baby mysteriously disappears.  We never see it again.  We think he burries them, or hides them in the ivy.  He comes in happy and isn’t possessive anymore.  Repeated every year.

is this mine?

I’ll take it
you can’t have it!!

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