Happy New Year all!
It’s that time of year when we reflect on all that we’ve accomplished {or haven’t accomplished} and set new goals  for the new year.  We’re hopeful, wishful, re-energized.
Last year I set 5 goals for myself.   I did OK on some.  Some I really didn’t do so hot at.  They were:
1.)  remember to take pictures at Andrews family events  I did better than I had, need to do even better
2.) build my business  really lost focus last year.  time to re-focus
3.) make 1 fantastic craft every month I did about 50%, need more.  It’s for the soul!
4.) loose 25 lbs.  gained 15!  Blech!
5.) Read the Old Testament  read about 75%…not great but satisfactory.  Loved what I read.  re-gained a testimony of the truthfulness of the Old Testament.
Now it’s time for the new Goals for 2011.  I’ve decided maybe I need a theme for the year.  I’ve been thinking actually kinda hard and this is what I came up with.  “The year to do hard things”.  I’m a wimp.  I know it.  I do challenge myself but I back down when things get too hard.  I always figure I’ll get back to it and then I don’t.  So, this is the year to learn how to stop doing that.  I chose a wallpaper for the begining of my blog year that is about ‘back to school’.  I think this is my year to go back to school, just ina different way.  This year my goals are:
1.)    Try to be a better Andrews family member  *looong story
2.)    Build my business- do one business building activity per month
3.)    Make 1 fantastic craft per month
4.)    Loose 40 lbs.
5.)    Read the New Testament
6.)    Finish writing my book
7.)    Forgive myself for not being who I want to be
8.)    Learn to be girlie
What are your goals?  Do you write them down?  I plan to post mine on my blog and on my bulletin board in front of my desk at home.  I need to make myself accountable. 

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  1. addendum: I forgot one item for my goals list in 2011. I have decided to finally finish scrapbooking 2007. I am admitting that 2007 actually occured.

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