gosh, golly, gee


I don’t even know where to begin.  I feel like I’ve been running in circles the last few weeks.  I feel like just when I’ve almost caught up with one task, or event I’m starting on another.  Honestly, I feel a tad winded, creatively and physically and emotionally.

 So, what have I been up to?  Well, I’ve been playing with my Cricut.  This is a cheap lamp I picked up at FM and I decorated three sides of it in vinyl.  I think it’s cuute.  maybe I’m vain though.

anyway…. I did the lamp project while working on THIS

a project for AG that I call 10 days of service.  We write down 10 acts of service that we intend to perform in the next 10 days and put them in the little wire holders up top.  
I cut and drilled & got ready 20 2×4’s for the girls to decorate.  & they turned out CUTE!

Then, my nephew got baptised and we had a mini family reunion.  My mom & sister & kids came to town and spent a couple of days with my sister in Wa and a couple here.  It was fun getting caught up.

throw in house cleaning, laundry,errands…and it’s just been crazy.  I’m hoping it calms down soon. 


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  1. o.k so now I want that lamp!! Very creative Hope! It has been a crazy week for me too, hopefully it will get back to normal soon. I really like the scrapbook pages your did of Altons' baptism.

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