pulling a ‘Brick’


We have a phrase at our house that is more and more in use.  It’s called ‘Pulling a Brick’.  Brick is a young character on our favorite sitcom “the Middle“.  To ‘Pull a Brick’ means to forget until the last nanosecond that you have something important (that involves the help or $$ of someone else).  For example.  tonight during our family Valentines Dinner our daughter Peekaboo looks up at us and says “Uh, Mom…Dad…I’m afraid I’m going to pull a Brick.”.  Two pair of parental eyes look back at her in trepidation before she finishes with “I signed up to bring knee socks to school tomorrow to donate to the drama department for the shakespear play.”  Fortunately, it’s only 7 pm….NOT 11 PM (as it was when she needed chocolate milk for seminary causing me to go to safeway @ 5:30 am)…..

What kinds of sayings do you have in your home that are unique to you?
post please!


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