more carnival photos


If you are wondering what these are photos of….refer to my previous post We Believe!  these are some of my favorite pics from the carnival I was in charge of last week.  I have to give credit to my amazing photographer….Miss Britney Means.  She’s a wonderful young up and coming photographer and she was kind enough to come take pics for us. 

I couldn’t resist making these scrabble tile like blocks.  I spend so much time thinking about the word believe that I finally exploded in creative believe madness!!  ha ha ha!!

my cupcakes bordered by the believe boards I made as gifts for the girls who attended.

Warning! Serious cuteness ahead!

It was all so much fun!

memory game!


the wheel of faith!!

twister!  A of F style

faith walk…… (kinda like a cake walk…only with dice)

I’ve said this before, but……I AM SO LUCKY!!

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  1. Can I get some more information about the articles of faith games that you played? I’m trying to plan a similar activity for my girls.

    • Hi Jill,
      So sorry it took so long to respond. My computer died and it took two weeks to get it fixed and up and running. I would be delighted to give you information. First off, I have a different blog that I just started that focuses on Activity Day Girls exclusively. My blog is . I have two articles on there, one on ways to teach the Articles of Faith and one on the carnival itself. Please read them and let me know what you think. If you have questions after you read them then comment back and I would be happy to expand on the ideas. I love using games to teach and I’ve found the Articles of Faith Carnival to be fun but more important, effective in re-enforcing the articles of faith.

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