Spring is here!


My Blog is primarily a family blog…BUT…. I also use it to document some of the things that I do, mostly so that I have a record of what happened when and what I did.

Every Spring I am in charge of a Recognition Night for my Activity Day Girls.

The most recent one was this past Sunday.

It’s exhausting to get ready, lots of tracking down parents about records and achievements….m u l t i p l e copies of certificates as I update things at the last second….and CHARMS…cute little charms that the girls get on their bracelets to keep track of their completed goals and be celebrated in front of their family and friends.

It’s totally worth every second of work spent on it.

The girls are always excited (they line up….LINE UP!!!) and wait rather impatiently for Recognition Night to start.  They sit (all on their own) largely in the front row.

The girls are the program for the evening.  One of our eldest girls conducts the meeting, while another conducts the music and this time we had a girl who was comfortable playing the piano (been trying to talk one of them into that for 6 years!!).  The girls give the talks and the prayers and I even ask one of the girls to do the artwork for the invitations, program & certificate.  They’re so sweet!  I have so much fun…..

this artwork adorned everything this recognition night.

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  1. Cute! Way to teach the girls to take charge. I always appreciated it when my leaders had us run things–made us more invested in the outcome. Glad it turned out well!

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