I love St. Patrick’s Day


I have a thing for celebrating holidays.  I love to do a little somethin’ special for my fam…..  I think my holidaycentric style comes from my mom who did the wierdest, but funnest (Ok, I know it’s not a word but it fits, OK?) things for holidays (like dressing up our vacuum cleaner for every holiday!).  I also think that since I’m an adoptive parent I put more attention into creating special moments.  As I have studied adoption, and reactive attachment disorder and bonding issues the one of the best pieces of advice is to create family traditions….and I do traditions.

Every year I do a St. Patrick’s day dinner.  It’s frequently squeezed in between meetings and other crazy stuff.  I just fix a dinner and we all wear our green hats….simple, simple….but, memorable.

On the menu this year
Irish soda bread (yummmmy!  best batch eveh!)
corned beef, potatos & cabbage (ala Costco * Can you say simple?*)
a little bubbly
and some rainbow cupcakes (yummy white cake recipe!!)

It was fun, it was short & simple and over in just a few minutes (as hubby bubby had a meeting)….all this and I am sick too….  the trick is pre-planning……

fun fun fun

anybody out there do anything fun for St. Pat’s?


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