dang it!


This just keeps happening to me.  Every year I get older.  I don’t like getting older, but I do like gifts and cake….. So, I keep putting up with it. 

This year has been a crazy year for a birthday.  I was scheduled to go to Lincoln City with some friends but the horrible earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, causing a Tsunami alert here on the Pacific Coast and they evacuated Lincoln City.  Also that day we had a going away party for K and R ( our niece and her hubby)  who are leaving to hike the Pacific Rim Trail starting in April.  So, we didn’t celebrate my birthday on my birthday.  Instead, we  all got together the following Saturday (the 19th) at our home to celebrate.  It was fun.  We had an impromptu pizza party along with some yummy cake given to me at the farewell party the week before.  I got a new NIKON camera (if you wonder why this is huge refer to this post)!!!  YEAH! and I also got a new external hard drive (so important!!) and a fun new cookbook.  Twas fun, fun, fun!!  My favorite part of the whole experience was the sun coming out inspiring me to drag my beautiful nieces outside for a little picture taking by aunt Hope.  They’re rather used to me pointing a camera at them but they’re pretty darn tolerant of my getting in their face and bossing them around and with my wonderful new camera I got some beautiful shots of them!!!  Yeah!


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  1. A new camera? Awesome! Looks like it takes good quality pics, too. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Hope this year is a great one for you!Looking forward to seeing you SOON!

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