I love it when the weathermen are wrong


Life in the Pacific Northwest is a largely damp lifestyle.  I’m accustomed to walking in the rain, running in the rain, shopping in the rain and vacationing in the rain.

On the whole I’m OK with this abundance of moisture.  I’m used to it.  So, when we got ready to go camping for spring break and the weathermen predicted rain I didn’t gripe or complain or even particularly notice.  We just packed and left. 

Our first day out it did indeed pour down rain.  torrents of it. 

However, the second day….the weathermen were wrong.  It was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!!

I wish the weathermen were wrong more often!!
My crazy teen was so excited by the sun that she insisted on running down to the beach and jumping in the water…(for anyone not a native Oregonian or pacific northwester— we do not jump in the ocean—it’s too cold)….
obviously peekaboo doesn’t believe that we don’t go in the water…. at one point she was in way over her waist.
I had so much fun at the beach playing with my new camera…..
check out this shot.  I don’t know what I did but it turned out cool!
the only thing that was not delightful about this trip was our sweet little dog treena.
She’s such an adorable little thing.  So sweet, so loving…. BUT she hates riding in the car she wines and cries and jumps all over the car the whole time and then when we took her to the beach she barked, at the waves…at other dogs…at us…..whatever…..t’was super duper uber annoying.
speaking of annoying
do you ever see this face on your beautiful child?
I thought it was funny to document it…she was less than thrilled!
So, other favorite photos from this trip!

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  1. I remember playing in the ocean with I was a kid. Somehow children can withstand the frigid temps. Now I wouldn't even stick a toe in it! Glad you had good weather and a fun trip.

  2. lindsay,that last picture is one of a series taken by sarah's friend Britney Means. She's quite talented. So impressive! Of course I grabbed it because I love it!

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