my personal Goliath


Recently I’ve been contemplating the biblical story of David and Goliath.  A friend had suggested it as an analogy for how we sometimes feel in our life like something is too big, too hard, too challenging but we have the Lord on our side just waiting to help us out. She compared the rock that slew Goliath to small and simple things that we are given by the Lord to cope with the challenges we go through in our lifetime. 

Maybe I’m overthinking it or maybe not….the point is that I’ve spent some time thinking about what my own personal Goliath(s) are.  I find that I have quite a few, but I also find that I’m very blessed.  I don’t have a history of abuse or neglect or physical infirmities to overcome as my Goliath.  To a large degree my challenges are self made, self inflicted. 

Right now I’d say my goliath is my struggle with self acceptance.  I know I don’t fully accept myself as I am right now and I’m tough on myself when I fail or falter at something I’m trying to do (like running). 

So, if this is my goliath, what tools has God made available to me to conquer it?

There’s the usual (primary) answers, prayer, scriptures, etc….but I’m faltering …

any suggestions?
What are your personal goliaths and how are you taking them on?


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  1. I like how you put that,I think we all have our Goliaths to slay. I know have tried and failed to slay many of mine! Just take it a day at time and when you fail try again. Also know that you are not alone and that there are alot of people who are rooting for you!

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