A new prayer


I have been experimenting a bit on prayer.  All my life I have been taught the order of prayer.  First address my father in heaven, second thank him for my blessings, third ask for whatever is needful and last finish in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Over the course of years I have discovered that my prayers have become more ritual than thoughtful.  More of a recitation of previously thought out words.  I have been attempting to break that pattern.  Starting about 2 months ago I began stretching myself more during my prayer times.  I slowed my thoughts and pondered carefully what I wanted to say.  During our family prayer time I have received a lot of agitation from our daughter because my prayers are too slow and too long.  I, however, have been finding more peace.  I have not found my burdens to be lifted but I have found I am more aware of others burdens.  I have not had my trials miraculously fixed but instead have found my trials are getting deeper requiring more deep communion with the Lord. I am enjoying my personal time in communion with my Father in Heaven.

One subject that I have chosen to address more and more is my own concern for the politics and leaders of our city, state and ultimately country.  At first my prayers were more addressing concerns about the political problems and issues I was following, eventually I found my prayers began to grow to encompass my political leaders, whether or not I approved of them or not.  I am a political moderate.  I lean neither far right nor far left.  I prefer balance and looking at both sides.  Some find my political views to be annoying because we moderates are capable of tipping the scales to one side or the other without warning.  I have mostly been peaceful with my choices.  However, the last 5 years or so have found a shift in my thinking.  My views are always based on my religious faith and I have been upset by venomous attacks on Faith (of all kinds but specifically Christianity).  Those who attack the faithful are unknowingly causing a polarization, causing the moderates to drastically choose sides.  But, I digress as I am off topic.  The point I attempt to make is that I have become agitated politically in a way I never was before.  I wanted to know what the Lord wanted of me in reference to politics and so I prayed and my answer came back, to pray for my leaders.  I find peace in praying for my leaders.  I pray that they will have wisdom, and strength.  I pray that they will feel the Lord’s direction and follow it.  I pray that those around them will allow things to move forward.  that this political stagnation will abate.  I don’t believe my prayers truly make a difference FOR THEM, but I do believe it does for me.   I do believe that if more of us pray for our leaders instead of praying for our agendas that perhaps hearts will soften….of course I could be wrong……


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  1. I whole heartily agree. When you are praying for people and their success it is impossible to hate them or feel ill will toward them. We need more people praying sincerely for our leaders without an agenda.

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