Was that Easter?


Yesterday was Easter, but it didn’t feel like Easter. 

Our usual routine for Easter is to have egg dying and an easter egg hunt on Saturday and then the Easter Bunny is also invited to our home on Saturday so that we do not disrupt the spirit on Sunday.  This year though Peekaboo feels too old for Easter Egg hunts and egg decorating and as soon as she found her easter basket all filled she grabbed it and ran into the bedroom (so I didn’t even get a picture).  All of Saturday felt warped, wierd…. ODD.

Sunday I awoke excited to go to church and celebrate Christ’s resurrection.  My daughter actually came to church with us and I felt happy and content, but it didn’t quite feel like Easter but I thought to myself that it was just low key.  THEN we went to dinner at our Nephew and Niece in Laws. A Lovely sit down dinner, lovingly prepared, beautifully served, yummy to eat.  And yet, I am accustomed to a heavy dose of religion with my Easter dinner.  Watching my extended family dish up their foods, sit down and start to eat was confusing to my poor soul.  I said my own prayer over my dinner but I felt isolated. 

I realize that I’m at a crossroads.  How to combine my love of holidays and my need for religion in my life with my new family line up.  I guess it’s going to take time and a lot more adaptation before I figure it out.


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