I’m so lucky!

I’ve been an Activity day Girl’s leader for 7 years.  I’ve done lots of fun things with my girls.  I enjoy spending time with them.  The highlight of my year is our annual Day Camp.  
I initiated the day camp 4 years ago but it was in the making for 2 years. 
Our girls were always asking us if we could go ‘do something’ , go camping or something.  They saw the scouts doing all sorts of adventurous stuff and they felt left out.  Since there is no provision for camp for 8-11 year old girls in our church and we had no budget or leadership support to pull it off I had no answer for the girls that they wanted to hear.  Each time I told them “No” it resonated in my ears.  So, I began plotting and finally 3 years later I had the budget and the priesthood leadership on my side to begin a day camp.
Our day Camp is named “Giggly Girls Day Camp”.  The girls 4 years ago named it and we kept it.  The name is very appropriate as the girls literally giggle the entire day away. 

Our camp is one day long.  It begins at 10 am and ends with dinner and s’mores with our daddy’s at 7 pm. We try really hard to have a balance of active activities (hiking and archery), crafts and free time.  It took me a few years to learn that all of these girls this age really want need is to be taught something new and fun to share with their parents and friends (such as archery), make something cute to take home and have time to play with their friends in a fun, supervised but not overly organized environment.  It’s really a simple recipe and works whether it’s day camp or our article of faith carnival or even just our bi-weekly activities. 
This year as day camp approached I felt overwhelmed and un-prepared.  I was anxious as day camp approached.  then, I show up at camp and it goes beautifully.  The reason why….
fabulous co-leaders who shared the load
….and sweet giggly girls with great attitudes who are happy just to be there.

I am so lucky!

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  1. Is that a SNAKE I see!!Thanks for having Sarah in the background so I can see her cute new hairdo and for the one with John in it!I've said it before and I'll say it again..those girls are so lucky to have you!

  2. of course it's a snake. Magnus is a snake haven. The girls love snake hunting and I do not have a snake phobia as a certain other family does.

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