very cool- literally


We just had the coolest experiece and I had to share. We (as in the town I live in…NOT just my family….) have the fun opportunity of having the special olympics here in town (I hear rumors that it will be for the next 4 years.). I’d heard that they needed vollunteers and so in mid may I started trying to convince my daughter to do it. She was less than motivated. First her school and then our church contacted us asking us to vollunteer. To my hubby and I it was somewhat irresistible, so we signed all of us up (daughter and foriegn exchange student included). Early on Saturday morning we all walked up the road to where the Olympics (or at least the part that we were asked to help with) was being held. I was excited to literally have it 5 minutes up the road. We shivered as we walked (since it was raining and cold). We were assigned to be officials and score keepers in Bocce Ball…..”Bocce Ball??????” We had to goggle the rules and still were confused. Fortunately, they had a very thorough volunteer training and we were able to figure out what to do. The girls shivered and shook as they scored the games but JR and I were warm as we officiated (sounds so official doesn’t it?). The athletes are so polite and friendly. The knew their rules and they came to play and were actually very competitive. Just like in all other aspects of life I found that the men were much more competitive and even contemplative while playing while the women cheered each other on and were a bit more animated. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was. I totally, definitely want to do it again. It was an experience worth repeating!


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