SunRiver 2011


Without a doubt my family’s favorite vacation destination is a campground outside of SunRiver Oregon.

 We’ve been going to this particular campground for probably about 10 years.  I love Eastern Oregon.  If I could live there I would.  I love how warm it is in the daytime and yet cools off in the evening. 

I loved sharing our favorite place with my family this past week.  We spent 6 days there with my sister and her 3 children and my brother’s 2 children, + my own & for a short while her friend. We had plenty of adventures.  We went Kayaking (a sport I actually enjoy!)

frog hunting,

swimming in the pool,

and floating in the river (not pictured because the photographer *ME* was in the water
miniature golfing (love it!)….gotta hole in one!

shopping in SunRiver
they bought books!
a wacky scavenger hunt

and tons and tons and tons of walking.  WE also got about a zillion mosquito bites and my daughter’s friend had an allergic reaction to the bites (bummer),  two of my nieces got bee stings but they were mild and treatable (whew), I got a bad sunburn and blister and then burned my arm on our stove.  For a while I thought we had a miniature first aid station operating out of our camp site.  It was memorable and worth all of the itching and anti-histamines

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