It’s OK to be cliche


I sent my beautiful daughter and my sweet hubby off to our churches girls camp this year.  I hope they have a wonderful time, I hope they took pictures.  I sent them both off with the admonition to ‘take pictures’ as I have in the past, let’s hope this year’s better.
I asked my daughter for certain pictures and certain types of pictures and she looked a little irritated with me…she rolled her eyes and mumbled something along the lines of “I know….” (stop nagging me). 

This brings me to the purpose of this post.  I want to tell you that it is OK to go to an event or an outing with certain photos in mind.  I choose to make a list (physical or mental) before I ever leave the house (or car, or whatever).  It’s OK to ask for a group photo (nothing sets the stage of where you are and why you’re there better than a group photo).   Here are some suggestions for photos or types of photos you want to take to document your daily life or special events.

1.) group photo
2.) individual photos that establish a place (in front of a sign or with someone think *mini mouse*)- if you have more than one child they will likely want pictures of just themself in a special places.
3.) special groups (think sibling groups, groups of grandchildren with seldom seen grandparents, one on one and a group)
4.) candid photos
5.) photos of family traditions (big ones and little ones……more on family traditions another time.)

Don’t be afraid of taking a bad picture.  Just take the pictures.  Go ahead, be a family bully.  Take those pictures!


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