Becoming a family


As an adoptive parent, our family’s milestones are different than other family’s. Do you remember when you realized you were pregnant with your first child? I remember where I was that August day when I got the call that a committee of social workers had voted that my hubby and I were the perfect family for an adorable little two year old girl. I’d waited at home all day on pins and needles for the phone call but I was positive that it wouldn’t go our way (others hadn’t), When the social worker called to give me the good news my momentous first words were “you’re kidding”, she then spent several minutes explaining that she wasn’t kidding.

Another big milestone was the day that the adoption was actually finalized-9 months later. Usually adoptive parents are permitted to be at the signing of the adoption decree but our social worker discouraged it, so one day we came home from a fun family day and found a big packet of papers in our mailbox…It turns out that we’d been legally Peekaboo’s parents for several weeks. The date of our finalization was June 10th, and we were at the Oregon Coast that day, as a family. While digitizing some of my old negatives I found the photos we took that day. Our first official finalized family photos…and we didn’t even know it then.

Here’s another milestone. The day Peekaboo was finally blessed and given a name. A tradition in our church. It was a big deal. We held the blessing at our home and invited friends and family. It was pretty tight in there. I remember nothing much from that blessing because I started to bawl the moment my husband spoke her name. We only have this one picture of the day because I didn’t realize that I was out of film in my camera.

Here’s one of the last…one of my favorites. Peekaboo kept her distance from my hubby, a lot…. she bonded initially with me but didn’t focus much on my Johnny… I took this picture because it was a time when he was working on the computer and she walked up to him and wanted to be on his lap. We had other pictures of them together, but this is the first where she ‘chose’ him. It was a special moment.

Creating a family is an intricate, delicate experience regardless of how it is formed. What are your memories of your milestones for your family?


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