Everything always happens in batches


Why does life always get busy in batches?

I’m excited to have life slow down a tad bit this week.
(big deep sigh)
In the mean time, I have pictures.

This week we had two photo friendly activities.
Peekaboo had her homecoming dance
We held our Fall Recognition Night for Activity Day Girls.

First- Homecoming.

Peekaboo was very excited for the homecoming dance this year. She really wanted a long dress so that she would be different. Homecoming is usually much more casual and short dresses are the norm. As a family we all went out and helped her shop. JR and I were not as enthusiastic as she but we still had fun(ish). Her friend Abby also came along. She found the perfect black dress right away but the price was not budget friendly, so on we went. The girl’s enjoyed finding silly dresses to try on (check out those wedding dresses). I loved this beautiful blue dress she tried on but I was the only one….eventually she found a pretty pink, budget friendly grecian style gown. She said she had an “OK” time at the dance but really, I think her favorite part of the whole experience lay in finding the perfect dress and then getting all dolled up and posing for pictures.

Now on to Recognition Night. I actually can’t remember how many years I’ve been a leader in Activity Day Girls. It’s truly fuzzy. It’s maybe 6 or 7 years. So that means I’ve done 12-14 Recognition Nights, somewhere around there. The program has gradually grown and expanded over the years. I try to have the girls do as much of the program as possible. This year the girls conducted, gave talks, conducted the music, performed a special musical number “We are different” and gave the opening and closing prayers. They did such a wonderful job. I had 18 girls earn awards for their FIG. I award a charm for each of the goals completed. Out of the 18 girls who were being awarded 15 showed up. I awarded over 100 charms. It was a fun evening. In addition to all of the girl’s hard work, my co-leader created a darling slideshow and my other co-leader played the piano, and another was in charge of food…. I couldn’t do all of this without all of the help I get. I love serving in the Activity Day Girls program. Recognition Night is a lot of work, but always worth it…but, now I need a nap (or 3)


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