Bad things happen to good people


The saying ‘Bad things happen to good people’ has been floating around in my head a lot.  It’s not that I doubt that truth, I find it to be very true.  The reason I’ve been thinking about it lately is this….my conundrum….. It’s been a rough year in our household.  Actually it’s been a rough 4+ years.  Every year I complete a family memory album, our family Yearbook and I include all of the fun things we do together as a family but I largely exclude the less pleasant experiences.  As I complete our family book this year I am faced with “should I include that?”   There are many experiences we have in life that are just plain “private” and do not need to be aired for the general public, BUT do we really want our future generations to think our life was hunky dory, glossy, perfection?  Are we not also supposed to leave behind real growth experiences, emotions, and depth of life?  For myself I solve this conundrum by keeping a detailed written personal journal that is less in the public eye.  How do you handle your challenging legacy?  What do you believe should be left behind?  I am curious….


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  1. That’s a problem I face with my blog a lot. On the one hand, I don’t want to air my problems, imperfections, frustrations, etc. in the “public eye,” but on the other hand, I’ve been horrible about keeping a personal journal, so the blog is the best record of our lives! It’s certainly sugar-coated. But I bet those pioneers sugar coated things a bit in their journals, too….

    I like the new design! I think it’s more “you.”

  2. This post is making me think through some things. There are journals that I have that probably should be burned and yet maybe not…
    Unfortunately though some of the toughest times I have been negligent in follow up with how things were, thankfully, resolved. Time to recommit to better record keeping.

  3. I agree the blog isn’t really appropriate for certain things. However a journal is an excellent place to put thoughts and troubles along with how you handled them, how they were resolved, and how they effected you. I am not as good at journaling as I should be but when I do journal I write about everything from the good, the bad, to the ugly. I try to sensor a little bit because I know my daughters will read them someday. But I figure it will be good for them to see that being a mom, a wife, a leader in the church, is hard at times and it’s okay if you don’t feel adequate at it. I hope that my journal will help them someday and that they will see we all have a hard time and feel worthless at times. The secret is trudging through it to the light on the other side.

    • I too have some journal entries that are not sugar coated that I hope my daughter chooses not to read, but I write to expunge the experience and I write so that IF needed, future generations can know what my life really was like. Between my journals and my scrapbooks I feel I leave a legacy of a type.

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