Cats & Birds


Animals have been an important part of our family life.  I grew up with lots of pets and I was usually pretty dismissive of them, considering them pests.  Then, I met my hubby bubby and he had a beautiful dog named Tipper and a not so pleasant cat named Sandy and the three of them became my family.  I became an animal person because of my hubby.  I love the company and the personality of having pets.  The hard part of having pets is that they die.  In the 18 years that we’ve been married we’ve lost 3 cats and 3 dogs.  Most recently we lost my cat Cordellia Anne.  Cordi. Cordi was only 8 years old.

Cordi came into my life because I craved a baby.  I was unable to have one and so my hubbs OK’d getting a kitten.  We had a friend who had some kittens that were hidding from her and we went up and coaxed my baby out from behind some boxes in a shed.  She was half wild but immediately quite loving.  I was her mommy.  She was an immensely loyal and loving cat.  We all adored her.  Last week she got sick and within 4 days she’d died.  All the way up until the moment she passed she wanted my attention.  I think she had faith that maybe I could make her feel better.  I feel sad that I couldn’t.  We burried her in the pouring rain in a short, simple ceremony.  She will be missed.



Now, I address our newest members of our family.  We had been planning to add some feathered friends to our family for quite some time and ironically the passing of my Cordi coinsided with the additions of our birds.  

Introducing:  Megan


Imageand Squirt

ImageThat’s Right!  WE are now urban chicken farmers!

WE have made the choice to raise chickens for the purpose of having fresh eggs, a little pest control and free fertilizer.  I’ll post pictures of our coop later.  I’m so excited to finally do this.  I am greatful to live in a city that is accepting of urban chickens.  

Right now our chickens are in a cage in our kitchen.  They are growing so fast.  Just last week they were these cute little butter balls and now they are growing real feathers on their wings and Oreo & Squirt have got little tiny tail feathers.  In a few more weeks (probably early may) they will have fully feathered and can go live in their coop outside.

Their personalities are so cute and so distinct.  Megan is the baby of the bunch.  She’s cuddly and soft and will go wherever it’s warm.  She makes hardly any noise.  She’s Mellow!  Oreo is very curious.  She cant’s her head to the side so it’s always slightly cocked.  She has an inquisitve personality and is very bonded to her mommy (My daughter).  Squirt came by her name quite literally…she poops on everyone and everything.  She’s the fraidy cat of the bunch and is a total dumb blonde.  She’s always the last one to figure out what’s going on.  She does LOVE to perch though and she loves to show off on the perch.  She’s totally adorable.

So, that was our sad/fun week.  Definitely mixed blessings.  I am grateful for the animals we’ve had in our lives.  They have filled holes in our hearts and given us a lot of entertainment.  They are individuals and deserve to be loved and taken care of.  So, I am grateful.



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