By Request



Per request here is a photo of my new table in use in my livingroom.  Forgive the poor photo quality.  My livingroom is tricky to take pictures in to start with and when the light from outside is poor….well…. I’ll try to take a better picture when the conditions are better.  I love these table.  We put our feet on it and our plates when we occasionally eat in the livingroom, it’s quite durable.  I’m tinkering with putting some baskets on the lower level for storage but don’t actually have a huge need for that extra storage at the moment.  I love that it only cost us $15.00.  Of course that’s because we already owned (or could get for free) everything but the wheels and from what I hear the wheels would have been cheaper at IKEA but that’s a bit of a trip for me so for my money and time the wheels we have are perfect!


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