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Getting back my Mojo


So, I think I’ve lost whatever few readers I had accrued…. my life got a tad on the crazy side and I stopped blogging.  BUT I’m back, sorta.  You may not hear from me often but I do intend to get back to this blogging thing.  I find it therapeutic, and I am in need of some good therapy!!

So, for my dive back into the blogosphere I wanted to show you the project that my hubby and I made the other day. I have been trolling Pinterest lately.  I love Pinterest, it fuels my creativity and is such an accessible way to see the links that I like.  So, while browsing Pinterest a couple of weeks ago I saw a fabulous coffee table at The Writing on the Wall made from a wire rope spool (in the blog they call it a cable spool but at my home we know better…. My hubby sells Wire Rope for a living and he always tells me it’s NOT CABLE… so now you know).

I fell in love with this cute little coffee table (although I think theirs is more like a side table)…anyway I adore this cute little table.  We’ve been needing a new coffee table for over a year but my dear, darling hubby and I could not agree on what we wanted.  I love old and antique and funky and he wanted ottomans or footstools (which I was OK with except we couldn’t even agree on a size or style of ottoman or footstool to make it fit my cuteness scale and his comfort scale).  So, enter a wire rope spool, something we can get for FREE.  My cute hubby scouted out the discarded wire rope reels at work and brought one home.  It was delightfully aged and banged up.Image

I decided almost right away to revise my plans to paint it, instead I chose to not only embrace it’s aged appearance but also to age it more.  I also chose not to include the dowels because I so wanted to keep the aged appearance and the dowels would be discordant… I briefly considered experimenting with rebar or even some old shelf brackets I have but ultimately chose to not include any of the vertical supports.

This project took us probably an hour and a half.  It helps greatly that my hubby has the skills and materials to do what was needed but if you don’t it would take a little longer and if  you choose to paint it or finish it it will take longer but it would still be an easy one day project.

We started with the reel (a reel beaut!  get it!)


Hubby took it apart.


There are metal supports (kinda like large screws) that run all the way through the middle.  Using a socket wrench to loosen these supports he took the reel apart, it literally falls apart.  Hubby took the curved slats that make up the middle of the reel and he cut about 8 inches off of them.  I took them and lightly sanded them with a sanding block that is for between coat sanding.  I largely just knocked the dirt off.  I  took off the stickers with a little undo and I also sanded the top and bottom of the wheels, knocking off the dirt and sanding down anything that might cause splinters or get caught on anything.

Next, the first tricky part- hubby cut the bolts down with a hand saw and re-threaded them with a threading die.  You can buy these bolts in different lengths for just a few dollars at hardware stores but we chose to use what we already had, first off to be frugal, secondly to retain the weathered appearance of the end of the bolts.  If you’re painting this that is not an issue.

Then, the other tricky part… putting it back together.  First you slide the bolts back on until the reel is shaped like…well, a reel… you’ll want help with this part.  Holding it together is tricky.  Then, one of the people slides the panels back into place.  They fit into these grooves in either side of the wheels.  It takes some finageling but it all goes back together and then using the socket wrench, tighten each side and until all sides are secure and nothing wiggles.


Then, we flipped the reel over so that it’s top is laying on the ground and we added wheels.  We chose wheels that swivle.  We chose 6- 2 inch wheels and the height seems fine.


And there you have your table.  I am going to apply several layers of either a polyurethane or an aged wax, I haven’t decided, until then it’s quite durable, moves wherever I want and looks cute to boot!