I think it’s clear from my blog that I love photo’s.  I love the stories that come with them.  Modern technology has made it so easy to share photos, and make beautiful gifts and keepsakes from photos and I love it!
My services are for those who are overwhelmed and need help managing their physical and digital photos and memorabilia and navigating all of this new exciting technology.  My services are flexible, I want to help you with anything you need.
  •  I scan photo’s and 35mm negatives and slides.
  • I help with photo organization and can help remove photo’s stuck in magnetic albums.
  • I sit down with customers and help walk them through how to create a storybook, memory album… and create custom books, whatever is needed.
  • I teach classes on photo and memorabilia organization and classes to learn to make fun and easy crafts and home decor from photo’s.
  • I work with my clients on an individual basis.   I do a free 30 minute consult for potential clients who live locally.

I believe that your photographic history is valuable.  I want to help you preserve it. If you have a family member who is overwhelmed and just needs help getting started or if you need ideas, then my services are for you. Contact me for a price quote and more information.


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